The key to unlocking your DNA is to thoroughly examine your life stages from early childhood to where you are now. Examination in this context means responding to powerful questions that spark the conversation within yourself. They enable you to dig deep to connect the dots and spot the major trends that have shaped your life.

There are five stages that you will go through, the questions for each stage are designed to maximize the power of self-reflection and ignite the fire that allows you to go beyond your limitations to truly construct your future self. The goal is to help you peel off layer after layer to get closer to the core of who you are. Your real self.

You will also find a section for FAQs that will guide you through the process of purpose discovery. Reading the FAQs is very useful to get you started, help you while in the process and guide you to wrap up at the end.

After completing and submitting the answers for the five stages, you would be able to book your purpose call to discuss the most remarkable achievement, your life purpose.

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