The purpose impact test assessment indicators are a live dashboard that interconnects the vital areas to give a truer picture of the overall calibre of leadership in the business. The indicators benchmark the impact of purpose on all stakeholders. They primarily help leaders to understand where focus is needed to increase purpose efficiency to maximize the final positive impacts.    

In addition to assisting with the detection of the business purpose, the purpose impact test is designed to provoke the much-needed focus that is essential for leaders to successfully transition their businesses to be deliberately leading organizations.  

purpose of the business

Examining if purpose is genuinely born and not artificially manufactured, adopted or mistakenly confused with the vision and mission statements is crucial.

the caliber of leadership in the business

How many purpose-driven leaders in the whole organization? The answer is the ultimate measure of leadership.


Attracting the right people to the organization is to use purpose as a recruitment tool. Employee experience encapsulates the employee journey from onboarding, joining, belonging, getting recognized, motivated and engaged.


Customer fulfilment means employee fulfilment. Employee experience shapes customer experience and fulfilment.

Value creation is the starting point for all businesses to use purpose as a system through which they solve problems by creating meaningful products and services for their customers.


The final impact created by the business for all stakeholders is the main determinant of the soundness, relevance, and genuineness of its purpose. Is the final business impact on people’s lives positive or negative? The answer to this question is the primary determinant of great leadership. It is the main objective of the purpose impact detection test.