key facts 


The financial aspect of all businesses is to stay in business, grow, and make profits. No one can claim the prophetic status in business as if they are the missionaries of love and peace. The key difference is that none of us exists in this life as humans to eat. Food is essential for our survival, but it is not the purpose of our existence. Likewise, money is very essential for the survival of any business, but it is not the purpose of the business. 


Leading companies do not compete; they lead. Leading companies do not have competitive advantages, they have leading ones. Leaders create, develop and grow leading advantages not competitive ones. The quality of the overall leadership is determined and judged by the purpose of the business and its final impact. 


Leadership should not be blindly pursued; it should be first understood. Understanding why you are in business in the first place and the impact that you set to create is crucial.


The leading advantage does not occur automatically; it requires leaders to embed it in all communication and critical functions of the business, including marketing, HR, operations, decision-making, and strategic planning.


Do you know the purpose of your business?

Do you know your business leading advantage? 

Find out.