Purpose Vanguards Int is a global leadership initiative founded and led by kamil Toume to harness the power of purpose. We exist to universalize purpose to create a better world. Purpose Vanguards Int is a social purpose business that aims to demonstrate how leading with purpose contributes to building a better world. We also exist as a recognition to leaders who act and lead with purpose.


About us

The first spark

The very idea of Purpose Vanguards Int was born when Kamil started researching his book Separating Grain from Chaff in 2017. As the book name implies, the challenge is to distinguish between the leaders and the non-leaders. Kamil believes that purpose should be the standard upon which the leaders’ contributions are measured and easily judged. Purpose Vanguards Int exists to universalize purpose and cast the light on the world true business leaders whose actions inspire, empower and drive positive change in people’s lives.

Let’s re-envision the world

Let’s imagine how inspiring, humane and peaceful the world would be when purpose becomes the world's universal language that is spoken and understood by all on the surface of this planet.

Let’s envision a completely different world where everyone across the globe finds their purpose and taps into their fullest potential.

How we do business

No one can claim the prophetic status in business as if they are the missionaries of love and peace. The key difference is that none of us exists in this life as humans to eat. Food is essential for our survival, but it is not the purpose of our existence. Understanding this point paves, the way into understanding leadership and the concept of having a purpose.

Most consultancies and businesses charge unjustifiable astronomical figures for the sole purpose of making profit. We do not essentially exist to make money which is undoubtedly very essential to get us going to achieve our purpose, but it is not the purpose. We are in business to make an impact. The fees that we charge on our purpose plans are the fuel to get us there.

The challenge

The problem is the absence of great leadership. It is a lack of understanding and misunderstanding of leadership which has caused major problems. Poor leadership accelerated the dehumanization which has tightened its grip on people’s lives. The challenging task is in redefining leadership about its true meaning by making purpose the universal leadership standard that ultimately inspires building a better world.

Universalizing purpose means its democratization

This is the most exciting part of universalizing purpose. We aim to make the experience of purpose discovery accessible and affordable for all purpose vanguards across the world as individuals and businesses.