Discovering your purpose requires connecting the dots of your life backwards and then forward to draw the lines of the big picture.

Connecting the dots from early childhood and teenhood to where you are now allows you to cross examine your life stages. It enables you to spot the major trends and turns in all challenges, disappointments, dreams, failures and successes. 


Discovering your purpose is to know your true DNA, the true self. The very truth of who you are. This requires an honest and a transparent self-monologue that manifests itself in the power of expression.

By deeply distilling the arrays of experiences that have shaped your life, you would be able to boil them down. Your life key themes would emerge. You would be able to see the events and experiences that have contributed to your current formation.

What has prevented you from forging the real authentic picture is your inability to confront your recurrent circumstances and most importantly the unwillingness to challenge them.


Going through purpose questions requires an honest reflection and contemplation. They are the catalysts that give birth to your real self. Failure to embark on the journey of the self-discovery would be very negative. It is a frustration in disguise.

"Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us, unplayed."

 Oliver Wendell Holmes