What is a purpose?

Purpose is who you truly are and your unique DNA? It is difference that you are making for yourself and others. It is what you stand for in life. Purpose is about meaning and it is the highest level of human fulfilment. Purpose is not a resume listing corporate titles, degrees, skills and experiences. It is different from visions, missions, goals and tactics. Purpose is the fusion between our passions, energies, experiences, needs and dreams.

What is the difference between a purpose and a goal?

While purpose is the difference that you are making in the world, goals measure your progress towards achieving your purpose. Most people confuse purpose with goal setting and spend their lives chasing goals that are often changeable. They progress in their lives without feeling that they have touched or recognized their own gifts. Without even get closer to the most satisfying part of their lives.

Purpose vs passion

Most people spend their lives in pursuit of discovering their passions. The fact is that purpose ignites passion not vice versa. People try hard to ignite their passions, but they fail. Knowing what you truly stand for and willing to die for spark off passion. Ending apartheid and achieving freedom and equality for all south -Africans. Nelson Mandela’s purpose, former president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.Ending apartheid is achieved through relentless action not vivid hopes. His action, purpose transformed South Africa into a multi- racial democracy where all South Africans enjoyed freedom and equality. He did not only envision freedom and equality for South Africans. He lived and actioned his purpose. He scarified 27 years in jail to accomplish his purpose.

Is purpose a must have?

If you want to get to the core of who you truly are. If you want to be highly focused on what greatly matters. If you want to reach the most gratifying and fulfilling part of your life. If you want to start the first step in the leadership journey, purpose is a must.

Why is discovering life purpose so important?

All of us have been conditioned and influenced by our parents, friends, schools, teachers, colleagues and the whole society. Therefore, most of us have been pressured to pursue certain things in life which probably did not add any satisfaction and value to our lives. The power of finding purpose is in refocusing, realigning and fulfilling our deepest passions, desires, dreams and needs.


Is purpose important for business? Profit vs purpose

The financial aspect of all businesses is to stay in business, grow, and make profits. No one can claim the prophetic status in business as if they are the missionaries of love and peace. The key difference is that none of us exists in this life as humans to eat. Food is essential for our survival, but it is not the purpose of our existence. Understanding this point paves the way into understanding leadership and the concept of having a purpose.

Understanding purpose as a system through which businesses respond to high stake challenges and solve problems is a useful framework for assessing great leadership.

What is the difference between purpose, vision, mission and goals?

Purpose is the difference you are making in the world.

Vision is how the world looks like after achieving your purpose.

Mission is how you will advance and fulfil your purpose

Goals are the markers on the road that show the progress towards reaching your purpose.

Who are the world true business leaders and what makes them great leaders?

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Leaders vs non-leaders

Leaders lead, inspire, empower people, solve problems, and create value for all. Non-leaders compete,manipulate, disempower people, create problems, and extract value. The quality of the overall leadership is measured by the purpose of the business and its final impact on people’s lives